Hi! I’m Theresa. You've probably figured out I’m a designer and photographer.

Since I can remember, I’ve had my hands in the arts: drawing (ok, trying to draw), coloring, and crafting. Then I was introduced to photography when my dad (for some unknown reason) trusted little me with his new Nikon Coolpix. I photographed anything and everything, and soon had digital cameras of my own. Fast forward to senior year of high school when I learned about the wonderful world of Photoshop and design. Without a second thought, I changed my intended major from Mathematics to Graphic Design.

As if design and photography weren’t artsy enough, college helped me to discover my love of theatre. So for four years, I learned the technicalities of being a designer, experimented with different techniques to improve my photography, and got a hands-on experience to learn about the backstage inter-workings of a theatre all at the same time. Naturally, it wasn’t long before these three hobbies overlapped.

Since discovering my niche of interests, I have worked wherever and whenever I can to refine and expand my skills (special thanks to Google for always being there to answer my "really hard" questions). After graduation, I was fortunate enough to continue working with my alma mater’s theatre department as both the graphic designer and photographer. Not long after that, I was offered the opportunity to do some design work for Princeton University. For over three years now, I've worked on a wide variety of projects for numerous departments across the university. 

Whether it be through design or a photograph, I aim to leave a lasting impression on anyone who views my work. I love what I do and knowing that something I created can make someone smile.